African Journal of Inclusive Societies
Volume 2  |    SPECIAL EDITION ON ZIMBABWE   |  February 2023
The special issue on Zimbabwe tries to make the 2023 election much more meaningful by promoting greater debate about the link between elections and inclusive democracy and development. Political, social and economic inclusion in development, governance and decision making has become one of the key hallmarks of democratic governance over the last few decades. The issue specifically looks at the political, social, economic pillars of inclusion, and discusses both shortcomings and opportunities for improving inclusivity in Zimbabwe’s governance and policy making processes. It also proposes what an inclusive society should look like in order to enhance the country’s democracy and development.
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By James Muzondidya
Feb 2023
4 - 13
Promoting greater debate about the link between elections and inclusive democracy and development in Zimbabwe

Research articles

by Eldred V. Masunungure and Hardlife Zvoushe
Feb 2023
14 - 30
Analysing Zimbabwe’s existing governance politics, specifically focusing on the politics of policy making
By Delta Mbonisi Sivalo
Feb 2023
31 - 47
Exploring the drivers of political inclusion, and exclusion, of citizens in local governance processes and platforms in Zimbabwe
By Tendai Murisa
Feb 2023
48 - 60
Investigating how customary tenure  and existing subsidy regimes have impacted rural residents’ autonomy to make autonomous political choices
By Tendai Chikweche, Belinda Chaora and Rebekah Cross
Feb 2023
61 - 81
Investigating initiatives to improve financial inclusion in Zimbabwe and their potential impact on achieving citizen-centred inclusive socio-economic development
By Eddah Jowah and Bhekinkosi Moyo
Feb 2023
82 - 104
Exploring how citizens found ways or alternatives to continue with their lives and developed mechanisms of resilience and solidarity amid 22 years of political and economic crises
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