African Journal of Inclusive Societies
Volume 3  |    Issue 1 - Humanities and the Democracy Project in Africa: Challenges and Prospects   |  December 2023
We are at the crossroads. Democracy and the humanities are under attack. Few of us are making the necessary connections. This special volume on the connections between the Humanities and Democracy is a necessary and urgent intervention on the issues at play. The authors, from various Humanities disciplines have brought to the fore various issues affecting our ‘democracies’ in Africa. A task that can only be accomplished meaningfully when viewing is done through the Humanities lens. The idea of repairing the public space through building trust requires re-centering the Humanities in nation building projects. There is need for renewed vigor in making sure that we tell our stories (past and present) through history, using different forms of art including satire (works of fiction, drama, poetry etc.). The democracy we envision depends on a thriving Humanities.
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By Pauline Mateveke Kazembe
DEC 2023
8 - 14
Demonstrating how humanities concepts and methods are not neutral to democratic governance issues as commonly assumed

Research articles

by Rosemary Chikafa-Chipiro
DEC 2023
15 - 29
Revealing nuances of African feminism and colonial gender norms, fueling feminist activism
By Tsiidzai Matsika
DEC 2023
30 - 42
Debunking the political personalisation of democracy
By Aaron Mukandabvute
DEC 2023
43 - 57
Makiing a case for the study of the role played by language to foster democratic features of inclusivity and diversity
By Kudakwashe Bandama
DEC 2023
58 - 72
Investigating the intricate connection between culture and social norms, which together mould the backdrop of all democratic practices
By Brian Otieno
DEC 2023
73 - 82
Illustrating the ways in which Kenyan  artists use their art to foster the kind of wisdom and activism that is required of citizens in a democratic nation
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