AJIS Volume 4
Africa’s Quest for Inclusion: Trends and Patterns

Publisher: SIVIO Institute
Volume Editor: Dr Tendai Murisa
Expected date of publication: June 2024

Through the theme “Africa’s Quest for Inclusion: Trends and Patterns” volume 4 of the AJIS will explore how the agenda of inclusion is being pursued and embodied in Africa. Inclusion in its varying forms seeks to give all people regardless of colour, creed, economic status, gender and nationality equal opportunity to lead a life of dignity and to participate in societal activities.

The quest for inclusion is at the centre of African agendas for development, depicted in the values included in the Sustainable Development Goals and Agenda 2063 that encapsulate issues of gender equality, equal access to education, reduced inequalities and inclusive growth and sustainability. This volume looks to pull together papers that bring light to the patterns and trends of inclusiveness across Africa in line with these agendas and beyond. The significance of the volume is founded on the ethos that real development cannot take place in the confines of discrimination, intolerance and

It is in this context that contributors are encouraged to submit papers that provide unique perspectives and knowledge on the following clusters of inclusion.

  • Markets: Land, housing, labour and credit.
  • Services: Social welfare, electricity, information, transport, education, water and health.
  • Spaces: Political, social, physical and cultural spaces.

This volume provides a platform for presenting discussions around the strides that Africa has made towards inclusion in common and uncommon spaces. Through the lens of research, we can better comprehend what shape inclusion has taken in our communities and possibly where it falls short.

*The review board will select only a couple of abstracts from the three clusters above


Abstract Guidelines

Deadline: Abstracts to be submitted by Friday 1 March 2024, 11:59 PM GMT+2.
Note: Any submissions after this time will not be considered for this volume.

African researchers, activists and practitioners, are invited to submit an abstract addressing inclusion in one of the three clusters (markets, services or spheres). The abstract should be 500 words (maximum) and must be submitted on our online form. Contributors must attempt to provide a clear topic for the article, their work affiliation and their data source. All abstracts must be submitted using this form: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/NVGMKQZ

Selected authors will be informed by the 8th of March 2024, and will be required to submit their completed article by the 31st of March 2024. Any enquiries about the application process must be directed to SIVIO Institute via the email: info@sivioinstitute.org


What we offer

Selected papers will be published in AJIS a peer-reviewed journal. Once the article is published, it is indexed in Crossref and hosted on the website: https://si-ajis.org/. Publishing in AJIS contributes to the amount of scholarly work published by an author by connecting their work to their ORCID and/or Google Scholar profile. 


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